Mohammad Kallaf Alhjaj—
Senior Software Engineer

I am a proud father of a wonderful daughter, residing in the Netherlands, and I find great joy in engaging in sports, particularly football.

With over 7 years of experience in the field of software engineering, I have established myself as a Professional Senior Software Engineer.

I have a track record of excellence in digital development, including creating impressive mobile app features, facilitating smooth teamwork, ensuring reliable availability, managing seamless technology transitions, resolving technical challenges with precision, and maintaining exceptional quality standards.

Throughout my career, I have taken on leadership roles where I have optimised application performance, developed custom workflow engines, modernised authentication systems, improved workflows through valuable sessions, and mentored junior team members.

I have also led the development of a comprehensive warehouse management system, integrated notification modules successfully, gathered feedback actively, and provided guidance and support to junior colleagues.

Additionally, I have played a significant role in shaping company culture, establishing robust coding standards, delivering successful payment solutions, promoting test-driven development practices, and optimizing the integration of legacy workflow engines.

Some photos of my life...